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November 5, 2019

Corie Weathers, licensed professional counselor (LPC), is a sought-after speaker, consultant and author of Sacred Spaces: My Journey to the Heart of Military Marriage. Corie has focused her career for the last 20 years as a counselor specializing in marriage, divorce, women’s issues, PTSD, and substance abuse. 

In 2015, Corie was named the 2015 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year® where she advocated for mental health issues and served as a media correspondent writing online and print publications, consulting for command teams, and speaking to groups on issues like PTSD, grief, and marriage.  She traveled to Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter to visit troops and see deployment conditions.  She has also traveled across the globe teaching individuals and couples how to live, lead, find purpose, and build relationships using their natural talents.
Today, Corie is a clinical consultant, working with service organizations to enhance programs, develop better team dynamics, and write meaningful curriculum; working with organizations like The Red Cross, The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, and Baylor University just to name a few. 
After seeing the need for more competent mental health clinicians for service families, Corie created the Lifegiver Clinician Directory– a modern searchable directory and map of professionals, including civilians, military spouses, veterans, and first responders.  The Lifegiver Directory provides a true win-win for families , clinicians, and service organizations needing to find referrals. 
Corie is often brought in to speak on military and first responder culture, produce content through interviews and videos, emcee events as well as lead meaningful and productive facilitated sessions and retreats for families.  Staying true to her roots as a military and first responder clinician, she provides services through her brand Lifegiver, home to her inspirational podcast.  

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